How to see running logs from Node.js app?

Hi render,

I’ve tried a similar Nuxt.js example but with Adonis.js app. I have deployed but when I try to access it via browser I don’t have success.

I put environment variables to port 80. Is there a way to see running logs?

Is there a way to access container without dashboard shell?

Another question, when I try to use yarn install after build phase, I got a network problem. Is it ok to have a network problem?


Hi Marcelo,

Thanks for reaching out.

If your app is outputing logs to STDOUT/STRERR they will be visible in the “Logs” tab. Are you seeing anything there?

Also, port 80 is likely reserved, a default PORT environment variable is available which is set to our default of 10000

Kind regards


Thanks! I’m getting logs on deploy screen.

Another question please. What would be de default host? I’ve tried 127…, localhost but failed.

One more :slight_smile: If I need to only change enviroment variable value, is there a way to restart service withou all deploy steps?

Thanks!!! is the correct host for a Web Service.

Environment variable updates currently require a redeploy, however there does seem to be a feature request on our feedback site similar to your request, please feel free to upvote/comment to be notified of updates:


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