When making a HEAD request it is received by the server as a GET request

When I make a HEAD request to my service via curl, I get the incorrect response. Checking my server logs I can see it has been received as a GET request. This has been tested locally and works fine, and I can see that the git HASH is the same for the server and locally.

Is there something that I need to do to enable HTTP HEAD requests to be processed correctly?

Hi there,
This is something that is done by CloudFlare, that we front all services on Render with. You can read about it here https://community.cloudflare.com/t/how-cloudflare-handle-head-request/238093 - I’ve reraised the previous internal conversation we had about this to see if there’s anything that can be done here,


John B

Just been advised, that we do have a fix in flight for this but aren’t committing to any timescales to get it launched but it is a high priority but don’t have an ETA at the moment.

John B

Right thanks for the info, but this is kind of crazy that a fundamental element of HTTP is not supported by a web services platform.

Where can I follow and keep up to date with Render making updates like this? I will have to move to another platform but I will keep an eye to hear if anything changes.

As the service I’m hosting is an API, caching isn’t really necessary, can I not get a direct connection to the server bypassing cloudflare?

Hi Alex,

We publish a monthly changelog at https://feedback.render.com/changelog.

As for CloudFlare, caching is only used for static sites, however, caching is not the only benefit we get from using CloudFlare - significant benefit comes from security, DDOS protection in front of all services by default and is not something that can be bypassed,


John B

Thanks, I’ll keep an eye out

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