Is there any way to see requests at the Render "router" layer?

Hi Folks,

A third party service is sending me web hooks, and they are seeing a 403 response code. Unfortunately, I’m 95% sure that’s not coming from my app, which means it’s coming from somewhere in the following stack:

Provider → Cloudflare → Render → Rails App

Interestingly, it no longer 404s if I disable SSL for that web hook endpoint, but that’s not a solution I want to go with long term.

Everything I can see on Cloudflare’s docs would suggest they never return a 403 (although the fact that disabling SSL solves the problem makes me suspicious!)

I’m wondering if there’s any way for me to see requests hitting the render router/load balancer/whatever for my app so that I can rule that out?



Hi @nikz, I don’t believe this level of logging would be visible to you, although I’m happy to take a look on our end as well. Can you share the timestamp for a recent 403 as well as the endpoint that you are sending the webhooks to?

Hi Jade,

Thanks for that - I’ve narrowed it down and it’s definitely a Cloudflare thing (if I disable Cloudflare everything works fine) so no worries on looking things up. Appreciate the offer though!


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