Keeping Content-Length headers

Hi all,

I’ve got a specific URL for a Rails app hosted on Render that needs to return the Content-Length header - and it does in my local environment, and when I use curl via the internal shell in the dashboard. But publicly, the header isn’t there - it seems Render’s Cloudflare setup (or Cloudflare more generally) removes it as part of their proxying, even though the response is sending through headers to avoid caching the response.

This specific URL is required for Microsoft Azure’s domain verification - it’s their tool that insists on the content length being present. So unless anyone has a contact at Microsoft, I’d really like to find a way through this.

I have tried adding no-transform to the Cache-Control header - so now it returns max-age=0, private, must-revalidate, no-transform, as well as manually returning a gzipped response (in the hope Cloudflare wouldn’t muck around with it). No luck with either approach.

Any suggestions? :sweat_smile: