Cloudflare caching not working

I want to use Cloudflare’s proxy cache in front of Render, because it lets me cache HTML responses.

For some reason, Cloudflare’s cache is being bypassed (made known to me through the CF-Cache-Status response header). I’ve explained what I’m seeing, in detail, on the Cloudflare forum here.

I’ve tested with my home router’s IP and Cloudflare’s cache worked as expected, so I’m pretty certain this is an issue on Render’s end. In other words, I temporarily updated the A record in Cloudflare DNS to use my own public IP, and then I exposed my local server to the internet to verify the problem wasn’t my own fault (ie: bad response headers and what not).

Any help would be appreciated!

Hi Alec,

I’ve replied to your ticket, but will repeat it here for completeness.

If you want use your own Cloudflare in front of Render, you’ll need to use the hostname and not the IP. So that all custom domain DNS records are CNAMEs pointing to the target.

Hope that helps

Kind regards


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