Preview Environment Not Reflecting Commits on PR

I’ve defined my service and corresponding db using the render.yaml approach and set previewsEnabled: true in order to create a preview environment on each PR. This works and a environment is created on each PR, but the code it is created from is the main branch instead of the branch to be merged in.

This seems incorrect to me since I would imagine we would want to create the services from the commits in the PR instead of main? Is there a setting in the render.yaml that needs to be set in order to allow for render to use the latest code in the PR when creating the preview environment?

This can occur if you’re explicitly setting branch: main in your render.yaml.

When we deploy a blueprint we would default the branch being deployed to the one that has been selected that the blueprint relates to. When a preview environment is created, that itself would use the branch that the preview env is for as well.

John B

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