What operating system do Render servers run

Our servers (or VM instances) use Ubuntu under the hood, however, as for the services that you create, depending on the environment you use and your configs (Docker, Node, etc) you will have a base image to match the environment.

Hi I don’t understand, about a month ago on Slack one of your Support told me thatyour servers were using Debian 10… Is is then ubuntu or debian?

Please make this offcial on the official Docs! It is an important information. thanks

Our underlying VMs use Ubuntu, and our native language containers are based on Debian images. I’m curious: how are you planning to use this information?

We want to invest on Render and be more productive. We’re developing ruby on rails apps but don’t want to use docker but just standard Render ruby on rails app. Basically we apply https://render.com/docs/deploy-rails. We asked this question to install locally on our computers the closest OS as is used on our ruby on rails Services on render.com. If I follow you and given we’re going to use native language (ruby) container, we should install Debian 10 on our own computers rather than Ubuntu ?

Hi Michael! Thanks for investing in Render. Our native ruby environment is currently based on the ruby:2.65-buster docker image. You could install debian buster and ruby version 2.6.5, but it would probably be easier to install docker and use the ruby:2.6.5-buster image for local development.

ok thanks for the info.