How to think of Heroku vs Dokku vs Render?

Hello Community! I was here to know about the feasibility of me moving from Heroku to Render rather than using Dokku. So, I will also provide a brief description of how my Heroku App works for you to understand.

My Heroku app uses two databases, namely Postgress and Redis. Within Heroku, I also use three buildpack (Nodejs, Ruby and PgBouncer) PgBouncer for pooling Postgress is really important to me. My app release will have two important workers, i.e., Web and Sidekiq.

So, anyone familiar with Ruby on Rails can get my settings, as it is the standard format for doing things. Keeping this aside for me to migrate from Heroku to Dokku is no brainer, but the fact that hosting all of these in a single dedicated server is not my thing. In fact, I always prefer various instances for various job.

Finally, I came across your platform, i.e., Render; the pricing is fabulous; I’m straight away blown away, I can’t stop mentioning it. I saw some comparisons with Heroku within the documentation, and then I started thinking of using render. But I’m a bit confused as I never configured things the way Render does. So if anyone can help me know whether my scenario is a possible case or not, it would be great.

Hi @akhil,

With Render you should be able to set things up very close if not identically to how you have them on Heroku. Here are some of the relevant docs that might help you get started setting up a web app with some background workers:
Ruby: Ruby on Rails Render Deployment | Render
Postgres: Databases | Render · Cloud Hosting for Developers.
Redis: Deploy Persistent Redis with Docker | Render
Background workers: Background Workers | Render · Cloud Hosting for Developers
Sidekiq: Deploy a Sidekiq Worker | Render

I am not super familiar with PgBouncer so I don’t want to give any bad advice but you may be able to deploy it using Docker on Render Deploy Docker — How to Use Docker | Render

(Caveat: I haven’t used this, so YMMV. I expect to eventually want pgbouncer, so I’m mainly just hoping others will blaze the path for me :))

The official Render GitHub account has a dockerized pgbouncer: GitHub - renderinc/docker-pgbouncer: Minimal PgBouncer image that is easy to configure

Someone in the community has made a render template that launches a pgbouncer service based on Render’s pgbouncer repo: GitHub - joshi4/render-pgbouncer: Deploy pgbouncer to render as a private service.

And this feature request seems to imply that Render will officially support pgbouncer as a hosted service at some point: PGBouncer Template | Feature Requests | Render

I will try to start a development instance in render, and if I need any further assistance, I will reach back to you here.