What docker image is the base for Elixir

I am trying to find the docker image used by Render for Elixir deployments, can someone point me in the correct direction? My goal is to match my CI env to the production env.

Is the base image using ubuntu? If so, which version? Previously Render has not provided base images, at this point I’m trying to get as close as possible and most likely using hex bob the builder images.

I searched but couldn’t find anything. Thanks!


Hi @frigidcode,

By default, Render uses Elixir 1.9.4 and Erlang/OTP 22.2.7. But you can specify a different version using environment variables. https://render.com/docs/elixir-erlang-versions

Yep, however, I am looking for info about the base image that they run on. Setting the Elixir/Erlang version is not an issue.

Are the base images based on ubuntu / alpine ? Which version ?

The goal is to match the OS version in the CI env to avoid having bugs missed (if any) when the code is deployed to Render.

I believe Elixir on Render is native (without docker).

Interesting, any idea what distro is used? If I match the distro it will be enough for NIFs.

I plan on launching a test project to display system information soon, unless Render chimes in. With the holidays, I don’t expect the staff to be online.

We use Debian for all base images right now.