What is Render's DMCA counter-notice process?


My production site + back-end service was suspended late Friday with no notice. When I got in touch with support, they said it was because they received a DMCA takedown notice. Since Render didn’t provide any details on the notice, they switched the service back on but I am keeping the site down just to be safe, until I know the nature of the DMCA complaint. I am not aware of any violation on our part.

I’m continuing to reach out to Render’s support team to get the DMCA takedown information, which legally has to be provided, and have not yet received it. Does anyone know (1) how to get information from Render about DMCA takedown notices they receive, and (2) how to file a counter-notice through Render? Most hosting providers have a standard process for both of these, but I realize Render is newer and may not have one defined yet.

Thanks in advance for any help. Again, this is a production site and I have users needing it over the weekend who aren’t getting service.


I am looking into Render as a potential alternative to Heroku that we use to host a large chunk of our services. A suspension without notice reads like a total red flag. Hope this gets cleared up.

We will be conducting a review of the process here and will be making amendments where necessary.

We’re already in touch with Matt in regards to this and have provided the information needed.


John B
Render Support, UTC+1 :uk:

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