What is being done to stop outages and improve uptime?

The uptime (or lack thereof) makes it very difficult to rely on Render despite its convenience. What is being done to mitigate this going forward?

Will have no option but to migrate off, which would be a shame since it’s a joy to use.


Hi @Ibrahim_Irfan and others,

Over the last week, two of our upstream providers (Fastly and AWS) have both had outages, leading to the incidents you’ve seen. The incidents also affected a large part of the Internet, and providers like Heroku weren’t spared either.

The obvious solution to this is to build redundancy and high availability into the system; we could run your applications and sites across multiple CDNs and multiple availability zones. Besides the engineering work, this will also cost more, but we do plan to offer it as an option.

Beyond this, we’re also working to strengthen our systems against DDoS attacks and traffic spikes which have caused incidents in the past.

System reliability is our top priority: much more so than new features, and we take it incredibly seriously. We’re spending considerable engineering and financial resources to make sure we can get as close to 100% uptime as possible. It will take some time, but we’re determined to get there.