Is render a stable platform?

I moved my production app over on June 10 and since then there have been 3 render outages including the one today.

The status page for today just says deploying was an issue but my app was having accessibility problems during the same time frame and started working again when the status was marked resolved.

For those that have been around awhile, is this normal or just a string of bad luck? I understand downtime happens and I really like the platform so hopefully it’s just bad luck!


Hi @jclarke! I’m surprised your service wasn’t available during the deploy issue; we did not see any availability issues during the incident. Perhaps you can share more details over DM?

More often than not, Render incidents have been triggered by DDoS attacks on our infrastructure (not the one today though). We’re actively spending a lot of engineering time and resources to make these attacks a non-issue, and we plan to roll out a new and improved load balancer setup over the summer. Separately, we’re increasing our investments in load testing, observability, and automation to further minimize incidents.

We know any amount of downtime is unacceptable, and we take our responsibility to keep your services up and running at all times with the highest levels of seriousness and urgency.

Thank you for sticking with us!


Thanks for the response, I’m glad you all are working on improving the load balancers to improve reliability, that is great to hear!

I will send you a DM about my app not working during the outage today.