What does this mean?

In my log:

Feb 16 05:25:38 PM  Filtering content:  66% (2/3)   
Filtering content: 100% (3/3)   
Filtering content: 100% (3/3), 75.05 MiB | 50.26 MiB/s, done.

What was being filtered? Was it successful?

I have 3 videos that I put into git lfs.

In another post, it was suggested that I put media assets elsewhere. I suppose I can but everything is getting a lot more awkward.

And don’t have a submodule in your repo. Oh, boy–that’s bound to create problems down the road.

This is looking a lot less magical than the marketing suggests. That’s ok. Real things involve complications. Maybe be more honest in the marketing… ?

Hi @lewisl ,

“Filtering content” is output by git during the clone process due to your service’s use of git LFS

I’m sorry to hear you were having issues with submodules. I took a look at your logs, and do see that your git repository did not have one of its dependent submodules configured. Your repository does need to be able to be cloned from scratch with a successful git submodule init before Render is able to build it. In the future, to check that your repo is configured correctly, the following may be helpful:

cd /tmp
git clone https://github.com/my-user/my-repo # replace with your repo's URL
cd my-repo
git submodule init

If this errors, it means that submodules are not correctly defined and must be fixed before deploying on Render.

I am moving the largest media files out of the repo and to other storage. Not a big deal.

I moved all .MOV files into lfs though some were small. I might leave the smallest ones there or just pull them out assuming github doesn’t complain about files < 20 mb. The smaller ones that come out of lfs will still cause the filtering but it should be quick.

As for submodules, that turns out to be a questionable recommendation on Hugo’s part for installing themes. There are pluses and minuses. Easy to install and update them, but you can’t modify them because you can’t commit them. Can’t exclude them from git because then they won’t push to the remote, although Render retrieves them from the submodule’s github repo. Hugo makes it trivial to override files from the themes so I should not have changed them at all.

It turns out the hassles outweigh the benefits so I got rid of them. Hugo themes are not so super clean that one should trust them entirely. Easy enough to download and copy. Git clone also doesn’t work. Render will treat a cloned repo inside another as submodule (just missing the proper metadata).

So, no more submodules though it was my fault I munged my repo.