Missing files where are they?

I have a Hugo static site. The site contains a couple of video files (.MOV). These files are missing. One is > 110mb so I added it to the github repository with git lfs. This one is missing.

In addition, a tiny .MOV around 10mb is also missing.

There was nothing in the log to show that any problem occurred.

How to diagnose? How to fix?

One of the missing files has showed up. Just very slow. This is why I proposed delta uploads of the finished build: I’d forego the rollback for speed. I don’t need the rollback–probably no SSG user running out of Github does: you have versioning in your repo. The static site has no hand-coding–it is easy to regenerate.

This is good for users and good for you because builds with lots of static (non-generated) resources will use less bandwidth to transfer.

Please think about it.

In the meantime, I’ll wait to see if the other missing video shows up.

Hi @lewisl , all files should show up at the same time after a successful build. Can you share with me specific URLs that don’t appear to be serving correctly?

There will always be some delay for sites with large assets, so you may want to host your largest files, especially movies, somewhere like Amazon S3 or Google Cloud Storage. I find that static sites work best when the largest assets are not present in my git repo, since operations like cloning and uploading will often slow down.

This is reasonable. harder to do than it seems, but the right thing.

Need to move the files locally. Need to move the files on server. Need to replace local media links to cloud media links. Need to commit in the repo. Need to push the repo.

I moved the biggest (which weren’t that big) but still get some hitches when uploading the repo.