Oregon Outage Still Impacting Services

https://status.render.com/ shows what the community reported a few days ago now - Oregon being down. Unfortunately, my app still isn’t receiving traffic, but now shows 500s. My app was working fine before this and had no code changes. It’s a simple django server. Is this unrelated? How can I understand why my app is failing if the app isn’t being reached?

Hi @kanjieater,

Sorry you’re running into this.

Can you share your service id with me so I can look into what’s going on? You can find this in the URL (begins with srv) when viewing your services in the Render dashboard.

You could also try manually redeploying your service.



My service has been down for almost 4 days. I have redeployed. I have sent my srv id as of yesterday. Is there something else I can do at this point?

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