Web Service unresponsive: Http Error 502, Deploy hung

I’m getting a 502 error on my site https://ashteki.onrender.com/

How do I go about fixing this?

I try to ping but it times out / no response

UPDATE: looks to be more than just network trouble:

I have tried triggering a manual redeploy and that has hung at ‘deploying’

in dashboard the shell does not get to a command prompt

CPU and memory are flatlining at 0

Hi @Dan_Johnson, it looks like you were able to get a subsequent deploy to succeed?

I’ve investigated the issue and identified an infrastructure problem that was causing the deploy the hang. We’ve implemented changes to our procedures to prevent this from recurring in the future. I do apologize for the inconvenience this has caused, reliability is our top priority and we’re working on remedying this.

The first problem was that the site went down, and returned 502 errors.

I don’t think I did anything actively to solve the issue - the deploy was an effort to kickstart the service. It went live after 1 1/2 hours!

Hi Dan,

We’ve been investigating the infra issue more, and it is possible that it could have been contributing to intermittent availability resulting in those 502s.

For some more background, this problem started at approximately 12:40am Pacific Time on May 26th, at which point our engineers were alerted to the issue. This should have been a page, but was not, which resulted in a longer than desirable resolution time, as the problem required manual intervention.

We have addressed the alerting issue here so that future issues of this nature will not result in extended downtime.