502 errors and build deploy errors

We’re experiencing intermittent 502s at our services. 2 services are healthy and there is nothing at logs. It simply goes 502 and after some time it comes back alive.

This is effecting both our production deploys and we’ve discovered the failures are happening at almost the exact same timestamp each day (multiple times a day).

We’ve even attempted to create a new service since that seemed to help others in the forums, but our deploys are reporting “Exited with status 1 because of an internal system error. Our team has been notified” (Render · The Easiest Cloud For All Your Apps)

At some point(after a few deployment tries) it simply stuck at “deploying…” step

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Hi Dave,
I’ve been looking into this and I’ve spotted a few oddities our side, I’m going to have our engineering team take a look at what’s going on here,


John B

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