We need better timeline estimations for current ongoing incident

Hello team,
I saw the latest update on your Status page:
“Due to the scope of the incident, we need to intentionally and sequentially recover PostgreSQL and Redis functionality across the fleet.”

Thank you for the update. However, we need better timeline estimations in order to make decisions on our end: When do you expect to recover 50% of the DB clusters? When do you expect to recover all of the clusters?
It should be possible at this point to give a rough estimate.

There’s a huge difference between “we estimate 1 hour” and “we estimate 1 week” (as in the recent Atlassian incident).

Without any estimate at all we are left to assume the worst case scenario and have started deploying our applications on different cloud providers.

Thank you


I agree, it would be very helpful to get a better time estimate for the fix. We are struggling with the decision to move as well, and an ETA would help at least.


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Hi Yuval/Michael,

Based on the progress we’re seeing so far we’re expecting full recovery soon (as in within the hour, not weeks).

We’ll add fidelity to the status page as we continue to progress.




Thank you Matt

Hi Yuval/Michael,

All paid services should be back up at this point. If you’re still running into any issues, please open a support ticket, and we’ll take a look at your particular services.

The team will be conducting a thorough investigation and will post an RCA on the status page as soon as their review is complete.

Sorry for the inconvenience this caused you and your users.



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