Was Unaware of Payment Changes | Advice/Clarifications Needed


Just to make things brief and concise, I used render in conjunction with my groupmates in College to make a Web Application as per the requirements set by one of our classes. At that time, render’s services when it came to teams and deployment were free.

Today, I found out that last January 1, 2023, this was no longer the case! I had missed the notification of the email, and there was no confirmation feature that asked if we wanted to continue with our team service or not despite the changes, so unbeknownst to us, we received a charge of 38$ last January.

I’ve already sent a ticket to support@render.com asking the same question, but in case I get an answer from here sooner, I’d like to ask it here too.

The purpose of our project was to simply create a deployed Web Application. The reason we used the team service, was so two people had access to the deployment controls at a time. We are not a startup team of any kind. So, are we forced to pay this 38$, or can we delete the team and end the service there without any reprecussions or penalties?

Hey Samuel,

It looks like you’ve also opened a support ticket so I’m going to reach back via the ticket so we can avoid duplicates, confusion, etc…

Jérémy, Render Support

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