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Hello, I was told a couple months back (and it was publicly posted here) that the ability to move services between Teams would be coming before the new per-user pricing waiver was lifted on July 1. The email I received talks about “needing to recreate” services — is this functionality no longer coming?

Also, FYI — your Fee Waiver ending email ends with “Please reply to this email if you’d like assistance or have questions.” but it was sent from

Same issue … Please refer this discussion I started … Downgrade a/c to Free. Clearly mentions there will be a migration.

This whole free seat to paid seems destined to create a lot of confusion. Please address

In early December last year, I received a very similar response from Matt on Intercom: “We are planning to have a solution to allow the transfer of services before the new pricing would take effect”, which is different from what is mentioned in the “[Important] User fee waiver …” email.

I’m confused and don’t know if I should wait or spend a lot of time on manual migration.

Could someone please clarify this? :pray:

Yeah, there absolutely needs to be a way to migrate services from teams to individuals. I simply don’t have the time to spend hours recreating everything merely to get the functionality I’ve already been getting.

Same here. I was also waiting for the ability to automatically migrate services to my individual account, and a couple of days ago I received an email that I need to do it manually. Although earlier it was said that the possibility of migration will be provided before the deadline. So what’s the bottom line? Do we have to manually migrate services or wait for a migration tool?

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Hi All,

We’d be more than happy to come up with a solution that makes sense for each of you.

Please send a support ticket to, and we’ll work on a path forward.



what is this error sirrr

We’d be more than happy to come up with a solution that makes sense for each of you.

Reaching out to support, the solution I get is “you need to manually migrate”…

This is very frustrating. Render pushed Teams as a “you might as well! It’s a free and easy way to organize your projects”, and now we need to deal with the headache of downtime and migration effort to avoid a $19/mo charge for a single user “team”.

Hi Dan,

I think there may have been some misunderstanding in your ticket. We have a few different options depending on what types of services you are running. I’ll take a look at your services and follow up with you in your ticket with a solution.

Again, since we do need to look at everyone’s unique situation to determine the best solution, reaching out to us at is the best place to address this.



Update: I worked with Matt and got help with the migration which went very well. Wanted to state that for the record. :v:

This feels untenable. I charge billable time for my services. You’re asking me now to work for free to solve your problem which is that I created multiple teams some time ago to organize my own projects. If you’re going to charge me for a team of one (and I have several), just move stuff back into my individual plan. I don’t really know what more there would be to discuss.

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Hi Jared,

We will work with you to ensure this is not a painful experience.

Could you please send in a support ticket to from the email address you log in to Render with?

That will let me assess how we can help with your particular set of Teams.



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