Slow Performance compared to Local

Hey All, I’m new to Render and getting a project ready to hopefully launch.
Running into some really big performance issues and I don’t know what could be causing such a big difference.

My local machine is running (ddev) docker containers. I have a fairly large request/database query that takes about 800ms on average. On my render service, I’m getting consistent 8-10 seconds every time.

I was going to see if I get similar results on other platforms, but honestly trying to avoid doing that.

Hi Ben,

I’m happy to help figure this out. I’ll DM you to get some details.

What version of postgres are you running locally ?

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Appreciate the help here. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s something I did wrong.

Update: The primary reason is looking to be an N+1 issue, not Render. Working on getting that squared away. Render support has been great