Why are onrender calls so painfully slow?!

We’re using render to host our database calls but this has made logging in excruciatingly slow. Sometimes as long as 20 seconds go by while logging in. The domain is goodmint.club so you can see for yourself.
Is there something we could do on our end to make the service a little bit…usable? Thanks!

Hi Harsh,

There’s not enough importation provided here to be able to help you I’m afraid. That domain doesn’t appear to be hosted on us, so we can’t tie this back to any specific account.

I’d recommend contacting us via our dashboard ‘help’ link and selecting the service that you are experiencing issues with, and we can talk specifics there,


John B

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Thank you for your promptness, John. Like you said, I have gone to the dashboard and created an issue using the Help tab. Hoping for a swift resolution. Thanks! :slight_smile: