Static site traffic limits

I want to use render to display my index.html to production. What is the traffic limit in Render? How many requests to index.html can Render support per site? is it autoscalable or are the static sites offered by Render just for testing purposes?

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Static Sites are distributed on a CDN, so can handle high-traffic loads. However, if the Static Site utilizes a backend/API to hydrate content, that could potentially be more of a bottleneck.

A limit to watch for on high-traffic sites would be bandwidth. A monthly quota is provided per account type (100GB/month for Individual Accounts), and overages are charged at $30 USD for additional 100GB blocks.


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Thank you very much! You’ve taken a weight off my shoulders.

One more question, hypothetical scenario: For a 100KB index.html file, how many simultaneous requests can Render handle in “static site” mode? And how much RAM does it use by default for each static site? thanks.

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