Bandwidth limits and recommendations

We recently moved our production Rails app from Heroku over to Render. Heroku had a 2TB outgoing bandwidth limit per app/month whereas Render has 100gb (and then $0.10/gb after that). I didn’t think this would be much of an issue but apparently we will run into some limit issues on our app since it’s used up about 6gb in the first day, and the app is much busier on the weekends.

Currently we:

  • Set the config.asset_host to an external CDN, but this only affects a small part of the data
  • Serve most other images/etc from DigitalOcean buckets

I’m considering using Rack Deflater to compress pages since it seems most of the data being used is from the larger page sources we have to serve. But I don’t know at which point bandwidth is calculated, especially since pages are almost definitely already compressed by Render.

Is using Rack Deflater safe/beneficial? And are there any other suggestions for lowering bandwidth for page source.

Hi there, I’d suspect that if you’re using a CDN for the JS/CSS and then assets from DO then you’re probably a good way to reducing your bandwidth egress. To clarify, bandwidth is data served by your application itself.

Tools like Rack deflater will have some overhead itself so ( that’s also something to consider.

John B

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