Unreliable auto-deploy

Have configured render.com for my project. I noticed that pr hosting disabled itself once or twice requiring me to re-enable. Now it’s enabled and I’m noticing that 1 of 4 prs auto-deployed and left a comment on the pr.

Is there a way to manually trigger the comment to the PR without having to push a bogus commit?

What can I do to improve the reliability? Have already added a credit card and am demoing a POC for my team.

I also have a PR branch with minimal differences from the others that goes live but is unreachable 502, while other PR branches work fine. Since it’s all dynamic what could be happening?

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I just pushed 2 prs then checked to see if they deployed. Pull request previews was off again. Something keeps turning it off when pull requests come in.

Is there a way to make it look for the prs again? The only solution I can find is closing and reopening the PR to get it to be picked up by render again.

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Are the services deployed from a YAML? If you are turning it on on the dashboard and it is getting turned off, it sounds like it could be from it being set to ‘off’ in a YAML.

Noticing one of my branches is stuck “Waiting for events…”

Is there a way to trigger the github comment manually?

Unfortunately no, you would have to close and reopen the PR to get the system to pick it up, we have a sort of related feature request at Manually trigger PR preview (or auto-trigger for existing PRs if PR previews enabled?) | Feature Requests | Render

Yeah that’s exactly what I was looking for +1

It seems like it’s not changing the settings anymore now that I’ve defined them in the yaml.

However I’m still experiencing some weirdness. It picks up a new PR branch and then instead of deploying just stalls at

It never tries to deploy and doesn’t leave a message on the PR.

Ok that issue was happening because the yaml needed to get updated from the main branch to the pr branch.

One thing I still can’t figure out though is why half my PR branch servers give me a 502 error while the rest load fine.