Auto Deploy keeps enabling itself?


When I disable Auto Deploy it acutally switches off, stays off when refreshing the page.
But as soon as I push changes to the repository it’s enabled again and starts deploying the latest commit :smiley:



Hi @frank , I see that you’re using our Infrastructure as Code (IaC) feature, which automatically creates and configures Render services. If you visit Render · The Easiest Cloud For All Your Apps you can see the IaC YAMLs you’ve configured. Since they’re using the same repository as your services, they will also resync every time you push a new change.

You can permanently disable Auto Deploy for a service by finding that service’s entry in your render.yaml and changing the autoDeploy key to false. Our YAML Specification doc has an example of the key that you’ll be looking for.

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Wow that makes so much sense, thank you!