Custom domain not getting verified

I have a custom domain on my static site that I set up yesterday that is still stuck on ‘DNS update needed’. I have two custom domains:

The first verified fine almost immediately, but the second is still waiting. I believe the required DNS records are all set up correctly on Route 53 on my end.

My service ID is srv-c299sbbonml6gjf3cli0.

I wasn’t sure whether it’s best to post this sort of issue here or via a direct email to support@ - let me know for future issues like this. Thanks.

It looks like this was resolved via email.

For others who may be curious, you should feel free to post here or to email If you suspect that other Render users may be able to help answer your question, this community forum is the better option. If your question includes sensitive information, use email. Otherwise, it’s whichever you prefer.

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