Stuck at "Deploying..."

I’m deploying an almost barebones Rails site. It’s working on my local machine and previos commits have sometimes work, but the last few days I have been getting this:

May 23 08:35:13 PM  ==> Uploading build...
May 23 08:35:28 PM  ==> Build successful 🎉
May 23 08:35:28 PM  ==> Deploying...

It’s been stuck here for 10 minutes. I’ve tried to deploy the same commit a few times. Is there something wrong? Or something I can do to avoid this?

Update: By the time I wrote this, it has been deployed, and it looked like it had been deployed successfully in 2-3 minutes, but somehow the system thinks that it hasn’t (and both the deployment and site logs are stuck). What can I do?

And actually logs seems to be delayed for ~10 minutes as I’m hitting the deployed site and I can only see activity from 10 minutes ago.

Thanks for writing in. It does seem like it’s an issue on our end, we’re investigating why your logs are delayed.

Hi there, we were able to isolate the problem on that node and it looks like logs steam for your service is operating as expected. I’m sorry you had a bad first experience with our platform. We’re actively working on improving our logging infrastructure to eliminate these kind of bugs.

bad first experience with our platform.

Thanks. It was especially bad because I was deploying multiple times and using the logs to figure out what is probably a first set up issue that is not happening on localhost.

Appreciate the help.

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