Deployments stuck w/o error logs

Hey, I see there were some incidents about deployments failing few days ago. I’m seeing the following happening to me on certain PRs (I’m not sure if it’s related)

Jul 11 11:38:40 AM   ==> Generating container image from build. This may take a few minutes...
Jul 11 11:41:14 AM   ==> Uploading build...
Jul 11 11:41:59 AM   ==> Build successful 🎉
Jul 11 11:41:59 AM   ==> Deploying...

Is there any way to learn why it’s stuck here, since I don’t see any specific failure logs to help me debug what could be going wrong?

Hi @abhinav,

The incidents have been resolved, and should not be further affecting builds or deploys at this point. If there is no exit code mentioned on the failed deploy, there are a few common reasons we might see this:

  • If the service is listening on localhost rather than
  • If the service needs more resources than the current plan to start
    Can you see if any of these might apply to the failures you are seeing?

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