Static site SERVICE DOWN

Hello … I 'm having trouble with my static site at it just won’t show! But if I visit the render url ( ) I do see it!
This has been going on for the past 4 to 5 hours. Please help!

@Antar we have an ongoing incident that’s likely causing this issue, you can follow along for updates here: Render Status - Connectivity issues for static sites and web services

We’re working on remediating ASAP.

the status mentions a temporary fix by modifying your A record. just a request…please leave the secondary IP active to give people a chance to switch back. I have to go to sleep and won’t be around to switch it for a while. :grimacing:

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@nedell we’ll try to keep the temporary IP active for as long as possible, but encourage users to subscribe to the incident and switch back as soon as possible after it is resolved.

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Hi @hari, @nedell - I notice from your incident tracker that most sites are now back up. I had to modify my existing A record as I cannot seem to have 2 simultaneously, so I changed it to the Mitigation A record. This worked great! However you say sites are MOSTLY back up and additionally, DNS changes I make my end, can take a while to propagate so I don’t really want to revert my A record yet. How long can I use the mitigation IP for please?

@scripttease we have now resolved the incident and you should revert the change as soon as possible.