Static Site issue gvc3s3wgwgkw... ongoing?

I was hit by this issue last night, but it appears to be ongoing. please can you confirm status?



Hi @happytim, the incident did recur briefly last night, but is now fully resolved. We will address this in our forthcoming postmortem, which will be shared after we conduct a full root cause analysis.

I experienced it at 9.37 to 9.38 am GMT this morning

Sorry, I should have used GMT. This was 1:37am US Pacific time, or 9:37am GMT as you rightly point out.


thanks for the update, but that is nearly 8 hours after the resolved time in this status report Render Status - Intermittent Connection failures for all sites

in the future, please can you keep these status reports up-to-date as it saves a lot of time and effort chasing things up.

thanks again


Yes, absolutely. Thanks for your feedback.

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