Specific python version is always rebuilding


I specified version 3.10.2 for one of my cron jobs, but now the build is crazy long because it recompiles python every time!
No sure if this is a caching bug or if I should use another version instead to avoid the compilation.


Hi, If i’m not mistaken 3.10.2 is the very latest Python release? Can you confirm that using older versions don’t exhibit this behaviour? I’ll investigate if there’s something we need to do to prevent this having to build each time.

John B

Yes this is the latest version I can check with early versions (the default 3.7 works correctly).

We are currently the same issue with 3.9.10 which rebuilds on every deploy. Makes deploys very long.

I just upgraded a project from 3.9.2 → 3.9.10 and I am seeing this as well. Each build starts with Python version 3.9.10 is not cached.

We’ve just uploaded the following Python versions to fix this issue:

  • 3.10.2
  • 3.9.10
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