Unable to set python version

Hi everyone,

I am trying to deploy my MERN app (GitHub - ddm1293/FurFinder). The thing is I have one python file, using python-shell so I think I also need to build python. The problem is that it seems like I cannot set the python version to anything other than the default 3.7.3. I tried to set PYTHON_VERSION to 3.11.0 and 3.10.5 in the environment variable but neither works. And when I included python --version in the Build Command, the log shows that it is still running 3.7.3. What should I do? Thank you for your time and consideration. Any help is highly appreciated!


From the screenshot, it looks like you’re using the Node runtime. You’ll need to use the Python runtime to set a Python version (chosen at creation time).

Node is available on all other runtimes, but the reverse isn’t true, e.g. Python isn’t available on the Node runtime.


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