Will python 3.10.5 work in render?

Python 3.10.5 was released on June 6.
Will it work in render now?

You can specify whatever version of Python you want. In your environment variables, set PYTHON_VERSION to 3.10.5 or whatever your preferred version is.

Yes, i know that. But 3.10.5 is very new, that’s why

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If you’ve still yet to try setting the Python version to 3.10.5 I tried it on an example app and can confirm it works.

It’s often worth giving things a go first, if the build had failed the last successful version would still be live. Or it’s quick to spin up a test service with your code or a Python Render example, it could save you waiting for a response.

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I tried myself now. It worked but each time it is installing Python 3.10.5 again and again

For every deploy it is automatically installing Python 3.10.5

It is showing Python 3.10.5 is not cached before installing each time

Installing Python 3.10.5 in each deployment is time consuming and will consume CPU of render unnecessarily

Please cache Python 3.10.5 permanently

Screenshot (248)

Python 3.10.5 is now cached on Render.


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