Requests to back end take long

I deployed my full-stack app on Render and it all seems to be working as intended but I’ve noticed that the first time my home page loads and I want to make a request to the back end in order to fetch a certain list of data or if I move to my account component for example in order to login it takes a lot longer in comparison to development mode. I’m not sure if that’s normal behaviour of the host just wondering if anyone experienced something similar. Thanks in advance.
Here’s a link to my project

I have the same experience. I think this is because a free tier postgres db is very slow, so any query takes longer to be processed than usual.


It sounds like you’re describing the spin-down behavior of free instance types:

Web Services on the free instance type are automatically spun down after 15 minutes of inactivity. When a new request for a free service comes in, Render spins it up again so it can process the request.

This can cause a response delay…

The time taken to spin back up will vary, but it won’t be instant. If you want to avoid the spin-down/spin-up behavior you can use paid instance types.


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