Latency of Render's Postgres vs Google Cloud SQL postgres

Simple queries from a render application to a render postgres take about 1-2ms… these same queries with the same database specs in Google Cloud SQL also hosted in Oregon take about 14ms on average… is there any thing I can do to get this to match? I would think that if it’s in the same Google Cloud region it should be about just as fast?

Seems that if I use Render’s external connectoin URL time time goes up to 28ms for the same query, s it seems the biggest factor in the time is that render’s app → render’s postgres can be in the same network…

Hi Kevin,

You’re on the right track there. Render can only make requests within a Render Virtual Private Cloud today.

We don’t currently have VPC Peering into other networks (e.g. GCP, AWS, etc.). If that’s something you’d find valuable I’d encourage you to submit a feature request at

We rely heavily on customer feedback as a part of our planning and product roadmap process, so capturing interest on the feature request page is very helpful.



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