Serving static assets from Laravel Octane: favicon.ico / robots.txt not found

When building and deploying Docker image with Laravel Octane server i can not get the static assets in /app/public served

Repo: kristjanjansen/octane


it seems static assets in /app/public/ are not served, even when they are present in the dir:


both give back 404. The error is handled by Laravel.

My assumption is that it’s something about the way Render serves or redirects static assets in Docker-built images, perhaps something similar how static sites are redirected to the root webserver path ?

See also how Laravel Vapor handles similar assets:

Render does not do any special handling of requests before forwarding them to the web service so you should be getting the request as it’s sent. However, it’s still up to your web service to handle the request and serve the static assets from the directory. Unlike static sites, the file being present in the directory alone isn’t sufficient for Render to be able to serve it when a request is made to that path.

Can you confirm that this setup works locally?