Assets in static not available after first deploy

Hello. I just pushed an Python/Django application to a Starter server.

The deploy went fine.

I waited a bit and I see the website, but it has no styles. I check the source code and it has the right config, but says the file doesn’t exist.

However, in the shell, I see it does:

I’d put images of the site currently and the not found off the source for the static files but it will only let me put one image in :).

I think you can close this. I was following a “push to Render” tutorial from a few months back. Then I had the eureka to read the manual here and found out several steps I needed to do. I did them and everything is working.

Hi there,

If you could post the resolution to your issue, that would be helpful to the community if they find themself in the same situation.

It looks like you may not have configured your service to serve static assets from your Render web service:


Render Support, UTC+10 :australia:

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