Server issue with metabase

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i have an issue with Metabase v0.41.6. when i deployed it on render Metabase v0.41.6 deployed successfully but after some time server failed with status 127 some times
Server unhealthy
Exited with status 1

when i deployed metabase:v0.40.3.1 it is working fine.
Metabase v0.41.6 is an latest docker image but i dont know why it is not working properly
i am expecting proper reply for this issue

Thank you

Hi @YallaRajesh,

I deployed Metabase v0.41.6 and was able to replicate the same behavior you were describing. It seems that upgrading to Starter Plus has alleviated this. While it’s not explicitly called out as a hard requirement in our docs, some services such as Metabase are more resource-intensive and require a higher level plan to accommodate this. We are looking into how to better highlight this information in our documentation!

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Thank you your solution worked @Jade_Paoletta