Render's Stripe SQL Insights app: cancelled subscriptions?

I’m using Render’s Stripe app that exports Stripe data to a Render postgres database: Stripe App Marketplace

It’s pretty cool! However, it looks like it only syncs data about active and past_due subscriptions:

stripe_22o9=> select distinct status from stripe_subscriptions;
(2 rows)

Is it possible to configure it to also include cancelled subscriptions? I’d like to run analysis on churn rates, and join the Stripe data to our own line-of-business data to look for patterns in users who are likely to churn vs users who are likely to retain.

To clarify - it only syncs subscription data about active and past_due subscriptions. Data about cancelled subscriptions is still visible in the customers, charges and invoices tables.

Thanks for raising this. This is definitely a bug. I just took a look and I think I see where the issue is. I’ve made a ticket and will keep you posted when we have a fix out.

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