Render's Stripe SQL Insights app - cancelled subscriptions followup

Hello! I flagged an issue with Render’s Stripe SQL Insights app where it omits a lot of Stripe data, making the export unsuitable for many analytics tasks: Render's Stripe SQL Insights app: cancelled subscriptions?

Is there any update on that? It sounded like it might be a straight-forward fix, but that it required someone on Render’s side to make a change

Hi Colin,
I’ve just heard back from the engineering team and there’s a PR actually inflight at the moment to address this, the team are hoping to get it push live later today or tomorrow,


John B

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Hi Colin,

We found that we weren’t properly handling updates to subscriptions. We pushed a change for this last week, and should now be syncing updates to subscription data. Have you seen new subscription data in your database?

I also want to note that we currently have a limitation with how the stripe sync app works. While it should pick up any changes to subscriptions going forward, it will not pull old subscription data.

If you need the historical data you should be able to disconnect the stripe app, delete the database, and reconnect the stripe app to a new database to kick off a full sync. Then your data should be up to date.

Let me know if this fix hasn’t solved the problem for you and you’re still seeing issues.


Yup, I can confirm that I’m now seeing all of the subscription data that I expected.

Thanks so much for this fix - our business analyst will be thrilled! :slight_smile:

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