Render Strapi Blueprint fails on any region other than Oregon

I’m new to Render and are trying to deploy Render’s Strapi Blueprint with Postgres (GitHub - render-examples/strapi-postgres-cloudinary: Deploy Strapi with PostgreSQL and Cloudinary on Render.) but in the Frankfurt region rather than the default. I’ve forked the repo and added the region tag for both services yet it fails on the Web Service with errors 137 and 1 after different tries for Frankfurt; I deleted it after 22 minutes of deploying in Ohio and it works when its changed back to Oregon.

The Postgres DB works in all 3 regions. Am I doing anything obviously wrong here?

Hi Nicholas,

Thanks for reaching out.

I’m not seeing the same issue in my attempt. I forked the repo, added region: frankfurt to the Web Service and the Database and it deployed successfully (my fork render.yaml).

Do you have any deploy logs from the failed Web Service to show more detail on what the actual failure may have been?



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