Strapi V4 Deployment: Blueprint sync failures from YAML

Whenever we push from Strapi local (“sqlite3”: “5.0.2”) to production (Postgres), the content we added in production gets wiped out.

There are currently no Strapi V4 repos for so we copied the yaml file from this repo:
strapi-postgres-cloudinary/render.yaml at master · render-examples/strapi-postgres-cloudinary · GitHub

Then we added a disk to the yaml based on this article:

This didn’t add a disk so we added it manually in the admin panel and updated the yaml file. Note: there is also no GB: 1 option - it starts at GB: 10.

We continue to get a Blueprint sync failure everytime we push from the local file with this message:
" There were a few problems with your current render.yaml . No resources are being managed until they’re fixed."

This is what our yaml file looks like

Can anyone help determine what we’re missing in the yaml file? I know other folks are trying to deploy V4 as well so perhaps you have found a solution.

Many thanks,

Hi- We have updated the Strapi example repos to v4.1.5, so please check those out.

Some specific things that may help you: