Remove .html file endings

Is there any way to remove .html file endings with render like you can do with other platforms, when you’re viewing the static website?

@al_ps do you know if this is possible

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Thanks for reaching out.

I’m guessing you’re referring to Static Sites and features such as “Pretty URLs” on Netlify? This isn’t currently a feature available on Render Static Sites. You could probably work around this by having all files as index.html within their respective folders, e.g. instead of about.html you would have about/index.html so that /about/ would be a “prettier” URL. Or if you using a single page app with a JavaScript framework with a routing library, it may have features to handle the desired URLs.

It would be helpful if you have a specific example of the issue you’re having and the outcome you’d expect, to see if we can troubleshoot a solution with you.

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