Rewrite rule from "/*" to "/index.html" does not work for arbitrary .html files

Dear communitity,

just started with and deployed a single static “/index.html” via github.

Direct access to /index.html on my custom domain works as expected.

Added a generic rewrite rule from “/*” to “/index.html” as explained in the docs.

Now only URLs ending with “.html” are NOT handled correctly:

Any idea?

Hi @berlincode,

I believe the issue here might be that the underlying client side routing is looking specifically for a file with the extension unknown.html. When I go to it routes to index.html (which is the expected behavior). Which routing framework are you using?

Hi Tyler,

thanks for your reply.

If you access you will get a 404 from So it could not be a routing problem inside my ‘index.html’, because it is not loaded at all.

It would be perfect, if you can have another look at it.

Thanks in advance.


So, just to summarize the problem:

I have a wildcard rewrite rule, but I receive a 404 file not found error for all URLs where the file part ends with “.html” or “.htm”

Can somebody please acknowlege, that this problem exists.

Thank you.