How to host a simple index.html file as a static site?

Beginner here, I was just looking into Render but I’m unable to host an index.html file. I tried by having the file on a GitHub repo and building a static site using that. The build fails everytime (likely because I don’t know which values to enter in “Publish directory” or “Build Command” etc).

There are several quickstart guides on how to host a site using a frontend framework but I couldn’t find anything regarding just hosting a HTML file. Am I missing out something? How can this be achieved?

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If your index.html is in the root of your GitHub Repo, the settings would be:

Build Command: leave blank
Publish Directory: .

If you want to stop any attempts to detect dependencies, you can also add an environment variable of SKIP_INSTALL_DEPS with a value of true

Hope that helps


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