Rebuilding cron jobs without the cache

Hi everyone,

I’m very much appreciating that web/worker processes can be rebuilt without a cache, especially given I’ve hit a bug on where their Fastly cache of /versions is missing a gem release (lockbox 0.6.6), and removing the cache helps sidestep that issue.

However, I can’t request a cache-ignoring deploy of a cron job. Can it be done somehow, and I’m just not spotting it in the interface?



Hi @pat, apologies for the delayed response here, currently there isn’t a way to clear the build cache with cron jobs but I have created a feature request for it Clear build cache for cron jobs | Feature Requests | Render that you can upvote to receive updates.

Thanks @Tyler - just added my vote.

Also: thankfully, the Rubygems crew were able to fix the bug on their side, so at least I can deploy now without the need of clearing the cache. That said - it’d still be great to add that feature in, given other services have the ability.