Rails Turbo Stream from background job not working


I’m trying to stream a response from a long-running background job in Rails using Turbo Streams.

I’m using good_job as the ActiveJob backend, which works perfectly in development, but I can’t get it to work in production here on Render.

I’m far from being an expert in Rails and I’m new to Render, so any help or pointers is much appreciated!

Hey Daniel,

So if you’re getting some errors that would be useful to make some suggestions here as to what to try or where to look.

John B
Render Support, UTC+1 :uk:

Hi John,

That’s the weird part; I’m not getting any errors. The job gets enqueued and when I refresh, I can tell that it’s been processed. It’s like turbo streams isn’t working.

In the logs of the application instance, I can see that a stream is being established, but nothing in being streamed through from the background job.

Got it working!

The issue was that I was trying to use postgres as the ActionCable adapter. Switched to Redis, and now it works.

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