Rails deploy timeout

There are a couple of simmilar threads but I have not found one regarding rails. My app builds and then fails to deploy with a timout after haging around some time with “Deploying…”. There are no cues as to what is going on, to my best knowledge the deploy actually goes though, but I get a notification that it failed with a timeout. What can I do to debug this?

Apr 16 07:51:47 PM  ==> Uploading build...
Apr 16 07:52:32 PM  ==> Build successful 🎉
Apr 16 07:52:32 PM  ==> Deploying...

Hey Honza,

I synced with you in DMs, but to update this thread, this seems to be a transient error with and clearing the cache and rebuilding seems to resolve the issue. We are investigating the cause of the error to ensure it does not happen again.


Hi, I have another deploy failing in the same manner, no clue how to debug it, given that the service has just been sitting idle, this is quite worrisome. Please advise.

Hey @HonzaSterba, we believe that we have identified the issue causing your timeouts, and it has been resolved. We’ve posted about this on our status page here. Please let us know if you continue to encounter issues.

The status page update is from a week ago, I have seen the issue happen today. Please clarify when was the fix deployed.

The status page incident was created as retroactive, starting on April 14th. Apologies for any ambiguity there.

We rolled out a fix at 9am PT, April 21 2021.