Python webservice deployement on render

==> Cloning from

Mar 28 05:27:52 PM==> Checking out commit xxx in branch branch-name

Mar 28 05:27:53 PM==> Downloading cache...

Mar 28 05:29:20 PM==> Transferred 5.8GB in 25s. Extraction took 44s.

above is log from deploying python webservice on render
what does this cache contains ?
its keep on increasing after every build

any update on this ?

as cache size now is reduced significantly to around 8xx mb’s


Hi there,

The cache contains build artifacts from your previous builds. What exactly this is depends on the runtime, but for Native runtimes, it is usually your dependencies. This speeds up subsequent builds as we restore the cache at the start of each build, so dependencies don’t need to be re-downloaded.

In your specific case, it looks like you are using Python within Docker, so in the case of Docker, we cache the BuildKit cache.

It is possible to clear the cache by pushing a manual deployment. On our dashboard, when you have a service open, there is a button on the top right for manual deployments. This is an option here to “Clear build cache & deploy”.


Render Support, UTC+10 :australia:

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